Warning: This game contains bright and flashing lights that may cause discomfort and/or seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy.

A Hololive Fan-game by swamp_kun!  Inspired by the popular Watame no Uta segment, Tsunomaki Janken! 

Are you a pro enough gamer to defeat the GOD of rock paper scissors? Comment your high scores bellow! 

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Having a hard time? Here's a hint:

Hint AHer first throw is always a rock.
Hint BLook for the arm that's out of sync
Hint CAt the later stages, the correct hand is the one with a slight jitter as it reaches the highest or lowest point of its float animation


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I loved it!

Really fun game, I just discovered it. I won, first try !

I don't know the source material but waiting for a jingle every single time instead of something quick when you play gets old fast.

I died when i needed to win 2 more times :(


The perfect fix for when you are craving Tsunomaki Janken!



Completed game with 1 loss and 3 draws. This is so fun

how can i find out what it says at the end without spoiling it for anyone else

It literally just says congrats

Thanks for answering.



one of them has twice the chance

still can't understand the second hint

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Fun little game. Didn't know what the hint means till I finish the game

Kinda strange how the A.I only uses paper at the very end. Basically means you can spam rock until then, save for the start.

I finally won after 12 mins

the only game where I don't mind losing because it's still fun